4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday 11-28-18

  1. The contrast with White or any Colour and Black always reminds me Joseph that Jesus brings Light into the darkness of our Hearts and Lifts us up so that we too shine in the darkness that this World propagates.

    God Bless you greatly Joseph Now and Always – Anne (Grannie Annie)

      • You are indeed a Gifted Man of God and where it matters most in your Heart.

        Blessings Anne (Grannie Annie)

        P.S i noticed you deleted Pastor from my Comments are you no longer a Pastor now Joseph or did I get it wrong from the start?

      • I did? Sorry. No I am still a pastor. I work as an associate pastor at the same church where I have served for twenty odd years. My daughter has also just joined the ranks and is our children’s pastor now. Our new lead is using me more in the capacity as an elder and we are trying to find a way to get me out of worship ministry as I have been having trouble with pinched nerves that make it hard to feel my fingers when I play piano. I suppose this old tent should expect that after thirty odd years of playing.

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