Mid Afternoon Meditation 8-28-18


Do not cast me away when I am old;
    do not forsake me when my strength is gone.
10 For my enemies speak against me;
    those who wait to kill me conspire together.
11 They say, “God has forsaken him;
    pursue him and seize him,
    for no one will rescue him.”
12 Do not be far from me, my God;
    come quickly, God, to help me.
13 May my accusers perish in shame;
    may those who want to harm me
    be covered with scorn and disgrace. Psalm 71 : 9-13

What do you do when people speak against you?


2 thoughts on “Mid Afternoon Meditation 8-28-18

  1. It is the best place to leave matters. I find praying for those who speak against me an incredibly difficult thing. For me it becomes part of the process of necessary forgiveness. I know I am actively engaged in the process when I can honestly pray blessings on those who are speaking despitefully of me or acting against me.

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