Morning Direction From Scripture 5-1-18


Do not let the floodwaters engulf me
    or the depths swallow me up
    or the pit close its mouth over me.

16 Answer me, Lord, out of the goodness of your love;
    in your great mercy turn to me.
17 Do not hide your face from your servant;
    answer me quickly, for I am in trouble.
18 Come near and rescue me;
    deliver me because of my foes. Psalm 69:15-18

Everyone faces pits and depths everyday. How do you foresee God getting you through or out of current depths or those you see in front of you?

3 thoughts on “Morning Direction From Scripture 5-1-18

  1. Thanks so much this divinely inspired post which ministered to me in a powerful way. You shared a “right now” word with laser precision to touch the depths of my soul.

    In response to your question, I do not know how God will intervene and deliver me, but I am assured that if God brought me to it, He will bring me through it.

    Thanks also for the recent like posted on my blog.

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