Faithful Fridays 2-23-18

This is how I feel today about our nation. Nothing…no legislation…no amount of psychotherapy or cultural reconditioning… no medical advance or  government sponsored sensitivity training…no amount of money or  government directed community building will avail any amount of substantive change until we turn to God.

I know there are those who disagree with my assessment, those who think we can and even must do it without God. In the end He will be acknowledged as the root of all wisdom, righteousness and peace (“Unless I’m wrong….which you know…I’m not”, to borrow a phrase from Monk). Only by going to God can the center of our nation’s breakdown be addressed.

4 thoughts on “Faithful Fridays 2-23-18

  1. Yes this is so true. And it’s so good to be reminded in the midst of everything going on. When I was young I heard a man come and talk about revival and how there are deep wellsprings of revival in New England. He talked a lot about the ground and how the soil is tough and the work is hard but New England had the potential to spark the next spiritual revolution in America. I’ve heard about revival everywhere my whole life and I believe it’s coming, I just hope I get to see it in my lifetime

    • I agree with you Isabella. I am seeing the signs of this revival in individual lives. Now it must combine in corporate demonstrations of worship and prayer. This is what is necessary…prayer….humility…worship. The church has forgotten that we only move forward on our knees.

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