Spiritual Journey 2018 Day 3


As I prepare my heart for what lies ahead I am learning that silence is a powerful ally in the war for my spirit. Our world is to fast and loud and the Holy Spirit is calling me away from it to just sit at His feet and listen.

Here are some of the things I am hearing and meditating on today.

There is a sense as we humans go into prayer that the momentary is lost…falling victim to the eternal. We, who are so caught up in time, struggle hard with the loss of the momentary and in so doing we sometimes give up on prayer before it can establish its eternal ends.” J. Lillie

Concord 1

The terrible threat against life is not death, nor pain, nor any variation on the disasters that we so obsessively try to protect ourselves against with our social systems and personal stratagems. The terrible threat is that we might die earlier than we really do die, before death has become a natural necessity. The real horror lies in just such a premature  death, a death after which we go on living for many years.” Viteslav Gardavsky



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