Morning Direction From Scripture 1-2-18

Concord 1

Let Egypt come with gifts of precious metals[e];
    let Ethiopia[f] bring tribute to God.
32 Sing to God, you kingdoms of the earth.
    Sing praises to the Lord. Interlude
33 Sing to the one who rides across the ancient heavens,
    his mighty voice thundering from the sky.
34 Tell everyone about God’s power.
    His majesty shines down on Israel;
    his strength is mighty in the heavens.
35 God is awesome in his sanctuary.
    The God of Israel gives power and strength to his people.

Praise be to God! Psalm 68:31-35

Why is it noted that God is particularly awesome in His sanctuary?

One thought on “Morning Direction From Scripture 1-2-18

  1. God is extremely breathtaking, magnificent, stunning, and impressive. He inspires great reverence, admiration, and yet fear because He is pure, holy, and glorious. Yet the pure, holy, creator God loved us so much that he sent his Son, a part of Himself into the fallen world to walk among us, teach us, guide us, and finally to suffer and die for us, so that we may join him. Father God hadn’t sent his son yet when the Psalmist penned those verses but he could still see the signs pointing towards our redemption. He was in tune with creation and saw how creation points to its Creator. The Psalmist wrote about the earth crying out and singing of the Creator’s majesty. He also experienced the Father’s love, mercy, and forgiveness. The Holy, pure, righteous Creator who is dwelling in the most holy place cares enough to forgive him (us) of his (our) sins and love him (us) unconditionally. There is nothing more awesomely, amazing than that!

    That may not have really been the answer that you were looking for but that is where my mind went as I pondered on the passage and your question. 😉

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