Thoughts On Prayer 12-29-17


There is prayer that avails much and there is prayer that avails little. Most of our prayer avails little because we spend our time in prayer focusing on problems and concerns. We need to first come to the throne of grace and look at the all sufficiency of the One who sits upon it. This is prayer that avails much!

When once we have been swallowed whole by the greatness of His majesty, we have only a little way to go to have our prayers answered. Then and only then should we employ prayer that avails little…intercession…petition. These should be the least part of our prayers. All else should be basking, being swallowed whole in the Presence of God.

Just sit with Him Christian. Sit with Him in silence and wait for the slightest flutter of His robe. When you see Him move then you move, you pray in the same direction.

One thought on “Thoughts On Prayer 12-29-17

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