Man I hate the desert and I need it.

Faith Worked Out

Today I planned to post Cinderella (Ever after) but God had other plans.


You know that desert ?

The one you have been cursed to

The one that lasts for forty years

Maybe you haven’t recognized it yet

They all look a little different


It is only in making a lifetime of laps

and asking “why me”

that can lead to the abrasive answer


Some things seem so far removed from the flesh

The complete opposite of who we are.

And no matter the efforts of mortal men

Or even the hopes of a good preacher

It is to the desert that we must be sent ;

For she is the last of skilled teachers


If fighting demons was the obvious cure

Then I would dwell in greener lands

With the enemy mounted on my mantle

Conquered by my own two hands


It is only…

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