Teamwork Blessings

These are some essential truths Hazel shares.

Pure Glory

by Hazel Straub

In my part of Alaska, the geese are migrating from their northern breeding grounds, flying thousands of miles south, for the winter. They fly, in a V-shaped formation and honk to communicate. Geese take turns leading, in the front, while the others fly slightly higher than the one in front of them. This makes for less wind resistance and a better lift, with less effort. The geese not leading, spend less energy, so they rotate the lead place. Also this formation, helps them keep track of all the birds in the flock, and helps communication. Flying together allows them, to fly long distances, with little effort. If a goose falls out of formation due to illness, injury or tiredness, two geese will go with the goose, until it recovers or dies.

Geese flying in formation are a great example of teamwork and unity. They travel thousands of…

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