Evening Meditation 6-16-17


My enemies have set a trap for me.
    I am weary from distress.
They have dug a deep pit in my path,
    but they themselves have fallen into it. Interlude

My heart is confident in you, O God;
    my heart is confident.
    No wonder I can sing your praises!
Wake up, my heart!
    Wake up, O lyre and harp!
    I will wake the dawn with my song. Psalm 57:6-8

What in your life is putting your heart to sleep today?

5 thoughts on “Evening Meditation 6-16-17

    • Ahh. Good question. In this verse the psalmist is calling his heart to awaken. Something has put his heart to sleep. I guess the first question is do you think it’s a good thing that his heart is asleep or a bad thing? Depending on what you think what kinds of things cause your heart to be put to sleep?

      • I don’t know if my heart sleeps. When I see what is happening in the world I am sadden, and heart broken. My heart awakes to a praise song and reading good news (as in a Bible and reading uplifting stories) as the saying goes.

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