WPC: A Godly Heritage

This week the Daily Post has asked us to give a pictorial view of the word HERITAGE IN OUR WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE.

You can click that link to see how heritage is playing out across the world stage.

My family heritage goes back here in New England to the Revolution at least. There have been Lillies in the Pioneer Valley and North central MA for well over a hundred years.


This is the grave of the first Joseph Elon Lillie in Erving MA. The name has been passed down to six generations.

But the family heritage has left us more than a name. It has left us a calling. My great great and so forth grandfather (not a Lillie but a Tandy) was an itinerant preacher throughout our area during the holiness movement, back just before 1900. I believe it was his prayers that have bourne fruit in my family and called us to a godly heritage.

I have answered the call to ministry and have spent my life’s work here in North Central MA.



My sister has likewise answered the call and is a missionary in The Netherlands

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My three children are all graduates from Bible College.


My son Joe is a teacher in South Korea and an active member of his church there. My daughters are the Rev. Amanda Lillie and the Rev. Melanie Franklin both working in children’s ministry in their churches.

I believe this thing called ministry is not an achievement. It is a heritage a thing conferred first by God and I believe by the prayers of generations past. I am so thankful that this is our life and our heritage.



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