Evening Meditation 1-31-17


Turn from evil and do good,
    and you will live in the land forever.
28 For the Lord loves justice,
    and he will never abandon the godly Psalm 37:27,28

What are the ramifications of the Lord loving justice?

7 thoughts on “Evening Meditation 1-31-17

      • Oh I agree that repentance is turning To God–and in rebellion we turn away from Him. But isn’t it true that, ultimately, God will turn His back on those who time and time again refused His free gift of salvation and reconciliation with Him??

      • Yes it is. I wonder if that move will even be noticed by those who all there lives have shut God out or will it be more like the end of C.S. Lewis’ the Chronicles of Narnia where those who are consigned to being shunned by God have so long ignored Him that it is no more that the same loneliness and emptiness they have known in life only intensified and they don;t even recognize that it is God missing.

      • Wow–to not even realize that it is God they’re missing…I’m not sure if that would be better or worse. I always say that I can’t grieve for something I never had–but God is so BIG, that it’s hard to imagine Not Missing His Presence. I guess we who KNOW and love Him so fiercely will never experience what those others will face. It’s a terrible loss for them, that’s for sure–and I don’t just mean eternal separation in hell, horrible–but the daily comforts and love here and now.

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