Friday Fictioneers: 1-13-17

I have been able to write for Fictioneers three weeks in a row. To many of you that might seem like a small thing but to me it means I am making major progress in my goals towards changing around how I schedule my life. I like it!

Well anyway it is time once again to join about 100 authors to create a 100 word story from 1 photo prompt. To see all 100-ish stories go to ROCHELLE’S PAGE HERE.

Here is our Photo Prompt and my story





By JE Lillie

Standing here above these tracks, I see it all so clearly now.

The day I joined up Mom called me by my pet name.

“Chin up Spot.” She said.

“The time has come and the wide world calls. Little boys grow up and leave their Mamas. That’s that. Besides it’s not forever and home will always be here.”

That was four years ago.

She must have known she had cancer when I left. She always had a reason I couldn’t come home.

Now I am a man with lots of roads to choose from and none of them leads home.

Mama lied.



16 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: 1-13-17

  1. Suitably dark and depressing, and quite touching. Says a lot in not many words, although I must say it feels a little crammed in. Like you’ve told me too many details. I think you could’ve said more with much fewer words, without ever using the words “cancer” or “home” or anything like that.

    Great potential here though, being able to succinctly create a narrative like this is always tricky.

    • Thanks Rochelle. She knew he would never have stepped out. He would have been trapped there with her and after she died he would have lived in the shell that was there home. I think in time Spot will discover that Mama didn’t really lie when she said he could come home again. He just has to discover home is where you make it.

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