5 thoughts on “Mid Afternoon Meditation 1-7-17

  1. I think my recent situation illustrates it well. For long years I went along thinking that God was taking care of me, loving me–but for whatever reason He wasn’t taking me out of very difficult circumstances (or changing them, or ME). And then, BOOM! He started a major plan of rescue and HUGE HOPE for the future–and I’m still pinching myself, as though thinking, “Wow, I Guess He really DOES Love me–this is HUGE LOVE!” So perhaps I’d forgotten that there were other situations where He’d demonstrated the hugeness of His love–due to the oppression I’ve been contending with. This latest Hope-gift/plan, though, trumps Everything He’s done to show me His huge Love–aside from saving me from hell, and showing me there is a true Abundant Life on earth.

      • Absolutely–everyday now feels like “Ba Blam!” The clock has now begun, Pastor J–I’m on the Wait List for where my heart longs to move, and where I believe God has planned to plant me!!! I’m told it could be a bit more than 2 years–but I doubt it will be quite that long; even if it is, I’m SO GOOD–haven’t felt so much PEACE and HOPE and JOY Ever!!! I’m lovin’ this!!! Thanks again for responding to my orig email–and praying BIG prayers for me. You might easily have been overwhelmed, and hoped I’d not bother you further–but your prayers and those of others have set God to moving the mountain “but quick” as they used to say 🙂 Thank you, thank you!!

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