Morning Direction From Scripture 11-30-16


Many sorrows come to the wicked,
    but unfailing love surrounds those who trust the Lord. Psalm 32:10

Explain the experience of having unfailing love surround you.

3 thoughts on “Morning Direction From Scripture 11-30-16

  1. In the midst of my current pain and darkness, I would say that the experience of having His unfailing love surround me is just that–it’s not about giddy feelings, and All about FAITH; knowing WHO I know, and His character, regardless of how awful things seem. My God calls me Beloved, His Child; He’s made promises, said He has plans for me–for good, for hope, not calamity; that joy will come on the other side of whatever this mourning is about; He said the battle belongs to Him, that He’ll fight for me…and a zillion other things–and He does NOT Lie, so I have to believe in His love…and I’ll hide beneath His wings.

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