Evening Meditation 11-29-16


Many sorrows come to the wicked,
    but unfailing love surrounds those who trust the Lord. Psalm 32:10

Sorrows come to us all in this world. How are the sorrows of the wicked different from the sorrows of the righteous?

5 thoughts on “Evening Meditation 11-29-16

  1. I’m thinking that with the wicked, there’s intention to be wicked–so there have to be just consequences for their choices, quite sorrowful so that maybe they’ll smarten up and repent. The righteous…well, we just can’t help being stupid or misguided sometimes, and there can be sorrowful consequences for us too–but God knows our hearts, knows we didn’t intend wrongdoing; so we’re sorrowful, but God will use it for a teaching experience, or character building–and if we listen closely, we’ll hear His voice of unconditional love amidst the sorrow. I can hear Him right now telling me that He knows I meant well, just wanting to give and serve from a pure heart–but probably it wasn’t the direction He wanted me to go, so He’s stopping me before there could be worse sorrow. For that, I’m most grateful.

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