Mid Afternoon Meditation 10-21-16


I pray to you, O Lord, my rock.
    Do not turn a deaf ear to me.
For if you are silent,
    I might as well give up and die.
Listen to my prayer for mercy
    as I cry out to you for help,
    as I lift my hands toward your holy sanctuary. Psalm 28:1,2

Is God your go to problem solver? Why or why not?

3 thoughts on “Mid Afternoon Meditation 10-21-16

  1. Absolutely He is!! A benefit to being alone (no family, friends) is that it’s God and me–I have learned to depend on Him squarely, and it’s been great. Even if I hear Him incorrectly, He is the God of many second chances–He Never Gives Up on His kids! So like, today I had a dilemma thrust on me, and at first I was bummed and tempted to panic–then I thought, “She will fear no bad news”…and “cast your cares upon Him”. And since it was Friday afternoon and I couldn’t do a thing about it today, that was actually good! In the old days that would have wrecked my weekend with anxiety–but I’m relaxed, waiting on Him for the answer 🙂 When we’re in His hands, and He’s in our boat, there’s no need to even worry about making the wrong decision–He’s not going to let us capsize, nor go without bread 🙂

    • Amen! This is good. I just had a situation last night that I couldn’t do anything about and probably won;t be able to handle for days but like you I am putting it in His hands and I know He will figure it out.

      • I’m ecstatic to report that God has already accomplished the first 2 steps regarding a transition I need to make. It’s not terribly private–I have to change banks 🙂 But there’s loads of bureaucracy involved re my Soc Sec check, etc etc, and getting to the bank that I think He’s led me to next week. Now here’s the cool part: as I noted, I’d been trying to keep from over-fretting, and doing fairly well–but God knows me, so when I got up today and turned on the TV, it was still on Trinity Broadcast Network from the night previous. One of my new fave pastors, John Gray, was on–and he had guests, one of whom was a vocalist who sang a song in which the chorus line was, “Watch God Provide”!! Can you believe that??!! I was excited all day long, a word just for me–but if it speaks to you, brother, grab it as well!! 🙂 Now if I could just ask you to pray for me 11/3, that I can find the bank on the bus–and that maybe God could hold off torrential rains till I get home. Thanks!!

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