Morning Direction From Scripture 9-27-16


Who are those who fear the Lord?
    He will show them the path they should choose. Psalm 25:12

How do you know you truly fear God?

2 thoughts on “Morning Direction From Scripture 9-27-16

  1. How do I know I truly fear God? When I don’t feel Him listening to me anymore and I get the sense that the things that challenge me, that I might take to Him for guidance, are easily enough solved by me myself and He’s patiently trying to teach me something. I suppose I fear His vast knowledge and vision, while mine is so small and narrow in field. I fear his great faith that everything is going to work out according to His design, while mine own faith remains weak and easily broken. I fear He won’t continue to love me.

    • Wow! These things bear some meditation. They are deep and powerful thoughts. That last thought is a brutally honest one that we all experience but seldom give voice to. It is powerful to realize that this thought dwells within us and must be cast aside continually in order for us to move from being afraid of God to fearing God.

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