the Highest Quest: Weekly Photo Challenge

This week the Daily Post has given us the challenge of depicting A QUEST.

To me all other journeys pale in comparison to the adventure that leads us to God. The quest into the soul…the interior.. the realm of the Spirit is the quest that leads us beyond these mortal coils into eternity.


I think the mistake so many of us make is in thinking that this journey is something that just happens to us automatically, but the quest for eternity must be the most intentional journey we ever engage in. Too many are lost in the darkness because they give no thought to pursuing the light.

Some think that all roads lead into the light of God. They would say, “Just pick a spiritual path and eventually you will find the light.”


But the truth  is only one True North for the soul exists. The pathway to the eternity God has put in our hearts has its start in the cross of Christ alone.


But the quest hardly ends at the cross. The fountain of Christ’s cleansing blood is only the head water for a might river that runs to an eternal ocean of God’s love. If you would find forever start at the cross and then as C.S. Lewis would say “go further in and deeper back!”


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