WPC MORNINGS:The Rhythm Of the Day

This week the Daily Post has asked us to show WHAT OUR MORNINGS LOOK LIKE.

To me the morning is the reestablishing of a rhythm that was called to a halt with the final good night. It is a return to the slow. constant and intentional meter I marched to the day before. It is a welcoming of routine.For me, that return to routine starts with a morning walk with my two little friends Jacopo and Mercedes. Mercedes is the one in pink. Jacopo always wears blue.

It is a walk around the same block we visit three times daily. I must have a hundred pictures of this house.

But routine  always involves finding a variation on the theme. Everything living changes. This morning we noted Father Mike’s new dog fence at the rectory. As with all new things of course we must express our customary dismay with a healthy bark or two. No worries we didn’t wake up Father Mike or his border collie, Liam. I checked.

After our walk. Jacopo and Mercedes always settle down to breakfast and I settle down to my first cup’o Joe.

With coffee in hand it is time for morning devotions first with this book.

and then with these books.

With life’s rhythm established I am now ready to meet my day!

Here are some other mornings from across the world.


6 thoughts on “WPC MORNINGS:The Rhythm Of the Day

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