Staycation 2016 Pt. 1

So this year my plan was to visit my son in South Korea for my summer vacation. Unfortunately I ended up owing on April 15th rather than getting back…Sad :(.


So my South Korean vacation turned into a New England staycation. God is always in control. As it turns out sticking around was all part of His plan.

I decided to take a portion of my time and spend it in concerted prayer about my schedule for this next year. I have been sensing for a while that things are about to change.

A few weeks before my vacation I approached  Father Mike over at Immaculate Heart and asked him if I could use his sanctuary during my vacation as a sacred space to center down and pray. He readily agreed. Thank you Father Mike!

Then I approached my teams with a list of all the things I am involved in and asked them to rate those things on a 1-10 scale as to their importance in my life. I took all this information with me into prayer. The results I imagine will be forthcoming.



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