Work up a sweat.

Here’s a thought on the need for hard work from one of the hardest workers I know.

Ken's Fireside Chat

Andy working hard…

I just recently read a FB message from a former runner who noted, after running 4.5 miles with the temperature at 78° and the humidity at 85%, that he was so drenched with sweat that he felt he could have wrung out his t-shirt.  He asked if anyone else still running noticed that they were beginning to look more like me when I used to run.  (Thanks for that, Andy.)  But it’s true.  I really could wring out my shirt after a run.  In fact, when my nephew and I used to do distance runs together,  it would be a point of pride that there wouldn’t be a single dry spot on our shirts.  It would be a sign of slacking off if there were those 2 little dry triangles at the bottom of each side of our shirts.  When I played…

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