My debut novel in collaboration with Tracy Lee Karner  will be published soon. It is time to begin building my lists!


Tracy Lee KarnerTracy Lee Karner is the editor and designer of the poetry collection Thursdays at 2, and managing editor of Rose Hall Media Company. Her books Nearer to God: how to pray with prophetic power and the accompanying Nearer to God Journal are also available on Amazon. She is currently co-authoring (with Joseph E. Lille) a novel, Pork Chops with the Sentinels of Azatan. She began writing poetry when she was twelve, and holds an English Literature/Creative Writing degree from the University of Minnesota. She blogs about artistic/creative expression, wellness, and tips for caregivers at TracyLeeKarner.com

Joseph E Lille

Joseph E Lille is a writer and musician working from northern Massachusetts. He is the worship arts director for Cornerstone Church in Winchendon MA and the director of C.cada, an artist’s collaborative, dedicated to helping artists develop and plug into their communities. He is the co-author (with Tracy Lee Karner) of the soon-to-be-published coming-of-age novel, Pork Chops with the Sentinels of Azatan.

Pork Chops With the Sentinels Of Azatan  is a coming-of-age story about a misfit boy named Honey, a comic-book super-hero obsessed dad who abandons him, and a new-age flighty mother who is often oblivious to his needs. It combines humor and tragedy under the themes of forgiveness and grace, and is set in Massachusetts in the 1970’s.

I am still setting up my mailchimp site but if you are interested in being on our information update list as the novel progresses toward publication just send me an email to pjlillie.1@juno.com

For more info on Rosehall’s fall publications click HERE




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