What Does Jesus Look Like?

This is a great perspective by Martha!

Martha L Shaw - Poet, Writer, Artist

I was just reading some things on my social media places . . . one about an old lady drawing fish with crayons and cutting them with kid scissors to decorate a church school room.  Jesus looks like that.  I saw a man from church who brought his autistic grandson with him.  The boy kept loudly greeting people, whether it was time to speak or quiet time.  Jesus looks like that.  I saw a friend with health challenges mowing and weeding my lawn because he was aware of MY challenges. Jesus looks like that.  

In light of the constant news reports of shootings and hate in the world and near each one of us and those we love, it would be easy to lock the door, latch the gate, hide ourselves . . . we try to fool ourselves into thinking the bad things happen to “other people” but

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