Fun Fotos of Fun Pets


It’s time to have some FUN WITH PETS. At least that is what Cee says (and she is generally right about such things).

You can see lots of fun fotos of even funner (I know not a word) pets by clicking the link above.

Here are my fun pets.

In my house we currently have two dogs and a cat.


This is Mercedes. Here she is establishing with my daughter that she is indeed queen of the castle.


The snowball covered puppy in the front is Jacopo (pronounced Yacahpoh). He is Mercedes’ mate.


This is Snug one of Mercedes’ and Jacopo’s three children. He has lived with us for the last 20 months and just this week moved back to his home in the Netherlands.

This is Picasso. He and my daughter Amanda moved in last month.

Now up until last week we had three dogs and a cat. Then my sister moved to a her new home in the Netherlands. She is living on a farm in Zaandam. She and Snug have just made a new friend.

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