Friday Fictioneers: The Codex

It is time once again for Friday Fictioneers. That is the place where about 100 authors gather to share about 100 stories containing about 100 words all from 1 picture shared by our hostess Rochelle.

Here is this week’s photo prompt:

PHOTO PROMPT © Kent Bonham

Photo by Kent Bonham

The Codex

by JE Lillie

Sinna’s  every nerve vibrated with a desire to run, but he had to see the Codex. He clung to the shadows of the holy chamber, listening for any sign that the Eldaar were coming. When he was certain he was safe he moved into the flickering torchlight. The altar was reached in less than a breath’s space.

As he looked at the Codex’s intricate symbols Sinna realized with dismay he could not read the runes.

Dismay turned to despair as the Eldaar stepped  from the shadows. Sinna heard the blade hiss before the darkness engulfed him.



Now please take some time to read the other stories at Friday Fictioneers by clicking the underlined link above and following the little blue frog.


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