More From Mirjam: Update Mission Netherlands

My sister’s friend from Zaandam has sent us further updates of my sister’s fund-raising campaign to the Netherlands.

Here is Mirjam’s update.

All the Easter services are over…
All the Easter eggs have been found and eaten…

Feeling the post-Easter dip?
Don’t know what to do with yourself?

Why not head over to
and pledge some money to help Brenda J. Lillie get back to the Netherlands as soon as possible!

Tomorrow night the StageLife Theater production team is having a meeting. On Skype, because unfortunately we’re still not all in the same country. And while Skype is great, sometimes Brenda J. Lillie looks like this, and sounds even weirder.

It would be really great to get her back in the Netherlands so we can get on with building this ministry together. She only needs $340 a month more in order to come back.

If you want to help, please go to and pledge. Any amount is greatly appreciated!

The amount is going down! I believe we can have this done before the end of April. Will you help?

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