An Encouragement From Mirjam In the Netherlands

My sister Brenda, as you may know, is a missionary to The Netherlands. Currently she is here in the U.S. raising funds for the mission. She cannot return until the funds are fully raised.

Mirjam is one of my sister Brenda’s fellow laborers in the Netherlands. Mirjam and her husband Willem are both integral parts of the team over in Zaandam and they want Brenda back.

Here is Mirjam’s word of faith

Stuck at just $430 a month.
Surely there are some people out there who can help Brenda J. Lillie get back to the mission field?
We’re praying for this to be down to $230 by this time next week.
Go on – make a pledge. You know you want to.

Brenda J. Lillie's photo.
Brenda J. Lillie

4 hrs ·

Marching to the Funding Finish Line!
The Future Awaits! Just $430/month to go!
To make your monthly pledge:

4 thoughts on “An Encouragement From Mirjam In the Netherlands

  1. Lord of Hosts, thank You for You have a perfect plan & perfect timing for Brenda but Lord You know her heart and that is to be in the Netherlands like yesterday! Amen! Lord, in Your timing not ours but Yours, Amen & Amen!!!

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