The Keys To Presence Pt. 4

Today I want to finish up some thoughts I began a few weeks ago regarding how the church can better access the presence of God.

If you recall we have been talking about 4 keys that usher in the Presence. They are:







Excellence in the arts

I have the privilege of ministering in the church I grew up in. That is not an opportunity many ministers can claim I suppose. One of the advantages it gives me is that I have been able to observe the move of God among us since the very inception of our fellowship.

Cornerstone was about a year old when I first visited. The one thing I remember about the fledgling congregation was the incredible presence of God I experienced when I walked through the doors. I was actually overwhelmed by the supernatural essence of love that I felt coming from the church. I also remember being absolutely entranced by the worship that was in the place. Honestly that is not something that should have happened.

In those days our worship consisted of a piano player who could only play three songs in one key, a worship leader who had never led before and whose repertoire consisted of mostly Christians campfire songs, a drummer, a bass guitar player, a clarinet player who had completed a grand total of six lessons, and a group of teenagers on various instruments who could read music but had no music to play from for the services. To say our worship team was sub par is probably being generous. But we did the best we could with what we had AND GOD SHOWED UP.

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That right there is the definition of excellence- doing the best you can with the resources you have.

Excellence is not a standard; It is an attitude that God honors. We were excellent back in those days because we worked as hard as we knew how, with what we had, in order to do what God required of us.

Today excellence at Cornerstone looks a little different. Our three worship teams meet weekly at three different scheduled times to practice their worship sets before services. People are expected to practice at home before rehearsals and a certain level of musicianship is expected before a person comes on to the team. Our worship leaders must not only sing but read and play music to a certain level and that level is increasing as we move deeper into the work God has for us.


Excellence in the arts

God blesses excellence, which is the determination to use God-given talent to its optimum level, not the talent itself.

The presence of God honors people who approach the ministry with a desire to give it their best shot. He can make up the deficit between our natural ability and the required level of craftsmanship. What we must do is determine to give every ministry opportunity the best of what we have to offer. That is excellence.

I would love to hear your thought son this series.

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