My Daily Walk 2-19-16


What does a daily walk for a minister look like?

I started these posts to start making myself more accountable for the exercise I committed to doing at the beginning of the year. I have upped my game in that department. I am getting out and physically walking or exercising at least three times a week, which is better than zero times a week, but it is still not where I thought I would be.

Maybe my sights were set a little too high for a beginning, or maybe if I had set my sights lower I would be right where I was before, with nothing. I don’t know.

What I do know is that my life coach often says that if we say “yes” to one thing it means we have to say “no” to another.

What does a daily walk for a minister look like? 

I guess it looks like going to sit at the bedside of a dying congregant and praying with her family. I guess it looks like visiting the ER and bringing another sick congregant the clothes they need before they go to rehab. It probably looks like visiting a local Bible college and meeting with prospective young ministers to start them on the road to practical ministry. I suppose it could even be sitting at a computer and writing blogs about ministerial life. It is about planning awards ceremonies for young ladies who have achieved great things in their Christian walks, and about calling leaders who are laboring hard for the Kingdom of God, to encourage them to keep going. At least that is what my daily walks have become in the last two or three days. I have to tell you I wouldn’t say “no” to any of these things even if I was offered a walk on the beach in Waikiki.

I will get back to exercising my body soon enough but for these last days it has been about exercising my faith. For me, that is enough to keep me going.


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