My Daily Walk 2-17-16

With the temperature plunging to -17 with a wind chill of -39,  I missed all my daily walks this weekend. I did spend a little time stretching though.

I really thought I would be back at it yesterday but the rains came in like a flood. The creek behind the house overflowed its banks and the entire neighborhood was one big puddle.image

So today in spite of a very busy schedule I insisted on stopping between appointments for a walk. I had to meet my accountant in Keene NH. Then on the way back home I stopped in the little town of Troy to walk the common.







2 thoughts on “My Daily Walk 2-17-16

  1. Too bad you can’t walk on water. 😉 That would make a fine puddle to make a big splash, though. It sure looks wintry up there!

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