The Road Through Romans: Suppress the Truth


Well this will be our last day in Romans 1:18 dear friends. I can say it only gets deeper from here. Today we are discussing what it mean to “suppress the truth by wickedness”

If you have missed any of our discussion particularly any of the last three it would be good to review those now on THE ROAD THROUGH ROMANS PAGE.

Romans 1:18 reads,

“The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness,”

So far in this verse we have spoken about the wrath of God  and the godlessness and  wickedness of men. Today we are going to speak about what the godlessness and wickedness of men creates.

Society has bought into a mindset that godliness and purity is hokey and old-fashioned. While godlessness and wickedness are trendy and sophisticated. If you don’t believe me, when was the last time you went to an adult movie with a G-rating? When was the last time you watched a prime time television show where someone didn’t undress, someone didn’t get murdered or the theme didn’t deal with greed and idolatry? Simply put sin sells.

Further the old addage is coming to pass, “If you say something often enough people start to think its true.”

Let’s face it our culture is living proof that Romans 1:18 is accurate. I don’t think anyone can deny any longer we live in a godless society. God is even being written out of our major life events. I was recently asked to consider doing a funeral for someone but was called a few days later and told my services were not needed because the family had decided to hold a karaoke party at a bar in lieu of a funeral.

What about wickedness? Just turn on the telly or go to grocery store for an hour; Either activity will give you an opportunity to see at least seven of the ten commandments broken.

The result of wickedness and godlessness is that it causes the truth about the universe to become warped. Things we once held as sacred values begin to matter less and less until they are even forgotten. We meet “nice” sinners and somehow think that their niceness makes their sin less sinful. Then in the name of loving them we suppress the truth we know until we  allow it to exchange places with the lie. Suddenly (or maybe not so suddenly though it sure seems it) we are thinking things like: God’s will is for us to divorce; Living together out of wedlock is compatible with being a good church member; Homosexuality isn’t even mentioned in the Bible; Hating people because they disagree with us or are different from us is OK with God;  Or God and Allah and Buddah and Shiva are all the same.

Here’s the rub. The truth can be suppressed but suppressing it under a bunch of lies doesn’t make it untrue. It only makes it truth hidden under a bunch of lies. The truth is God hates divorce and would have you work it out if you can. Living in a sexual relationship outside of marriage whether you live in the same apartment or keep separate apartments is fornication, a sin. Homosexuality is listed as a sin in the Bible. It just is plain and simple. Hating people is never OK with God. In fact, God says those who hate don’t know Him. God YHWH is God and all the others are idols, posers, fronts for demonic power. These are just examples. Wickedness suppresses truth in every area of our society today. According to Romans 1:18 that is what unleashes God’s wrath.

God has set up the universe so that truth will set people free (John 8:32). When any person or system of persons suppresses the truth, God must arise and knock them down because that person or system actually endangers the only real freedom the Earth has ever known. History has taught us that God will not allow the truth to go undefended. History has also shown that God will give a person or a nation ample time to amend their ways but should they refuse, His wrath will eventually come.

Oh Lord in your wrath remember mercy!

6 thoughts on “The Road Through Romans: Suppress the Truth

  1. Wow, did you ever nail this one. It wasn’t 2 minutes before I read this I asked the Lord, “How do you stand knowing all that is going on!?” I ask Him that quite often. We see barely a fraction of the evil in our world. Even in my own little world I can’t imagine what it will be like when the followers of Christ are taken home. Sin is like a virus that spreads without check. And it is definitely spreading! Good post. Thank you for sharing.

      • It is truly frightening when a culture gets so far from God that it can no longer hear its God. However it is even more frightening to think that there are times when God shuts the ears of sinners beyond hearing because they have so long refused to listen.

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