Friday Fictioneers: Looking Into the Sun

It is time once again for Friday Fictioneers. That’s the place where 100 authors share 100 words to tell 100 stories from 1 photograph shared by Rochelle our hostess.

Take a peek at all the stories Rochelle’s contributors have shared from the photo below by clicking the underlined link above.

Here is my story:

Copyright Jean L. Hays

Copyright: Jean L. Hays

Looking Into the Sun

by JE Lillie

I smiled. The movement was as unfamiliar to me, as slow dancing in the rain. Now I had done both of those things.

I ran nervous fingers through my sopping hair and looked at her, the inspiration for smiling and dancing. I sipped my coffee and wondered how it had grown to this.

“You’re quiet.” She said.

She twisted water out of her own curly locks into a hand towel she had hidden in her purse.

It made me question, did she dance in the rain often?

She smiled at me and I no longer cared. It was like looking into the sun.



18 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Looking Into the Sun

  1. I have to agree with Bjorn. I love the characters and feeling you’ve created in your story – he’s just begun to smile again and he’s met someone who loves life. Perfect.

  2. Good story, Joseph. I laughed out loud at Dale’s comment. We mustn’t think the worst of her. Perhaps she has a sinus condition and can’t go around with a wet head. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I understand we don’t see that every day so if I was him, I’d continue with caution. Well done. Happy New Year to you and yours. 😀 — Suzanne

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