Friday Fictioneers: A Place To Play

It is time for another episode of Friday Fictioneers. My 100 word story taken from the photo prompt is found below the photo. You can see how others interpreted the prompt by clicking on the underlined link above. Once you are at the Fridays Fictioneers site follow the little blue frog. 🙂


PHOTO BY: J Hardy Carroll

A Place To Play

By JE Lillie

Momma died in April. The whole village came out for the funeral. She was the Pastor’s wife after all.

The whispers started that day.

“Poor man. Left a widower at such a young age and with two daughters. How’s he going to raise them?”

Daddy did just fine. Some days he would pack up our tea set and bring us to the church with him.

While he worked on his sermon we were shuffled out to the graveyard alongside the church.

He would wink at us and say, “Go see if mommy wants to play tea party.”

She always did.

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