Pastor Wrinkles: A Road Through Romans: 1:2:1


Well we have officially finished verse 1 of the Book of Romans. I predict we may spend just as long or even longer in verse 2. I hope you are having fun.

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Today we begin looking at Romans chapter 1 verse 2

the gospel he promised beforehand through his prophets in the Holy Scriptures

We stated yesterday that Paul was set apart to be a messenger of the good news from God (the gospel). Throughout this letter to the Romans, Paul is going to share exactly what that good news is but before he gets any further into it he assures his readers that this good news is not new news. It’s old news or rather old promises that in Paul’s day had been recently fulfilled.

Paul didn’t preach a new gospel. Jesus wasn’t an unexpected twist in the road, or at least he shouldn’t have been. He was foretold by the prophets and sages thousands of years before he was born. Paul’s job wasn’t to introduce new material to the world. It was to affirm that Jesus was the old material come to life…prophecy fulfilled.

Verse 2 is important because it hails the unity of Scripture. Too often today critics and “experts” on the Bible talk as if the Good Book is nothing more than a hodge-podge of spiritual ideas held together by chicken wire and red neck stubbornness. Nothing could be further from the truth. The God of the New Testament and the Old Testament are the same God. New Testament theology is built off of Old Testament truth. Sure, there is progressive revelation but the progress is not God’s but ours.

God never has and never will change or progress because He already IS period.He cannot be added to or taken away from. If we learn something new about God it is not because there is something suddenly different about Him, but because we simply had not realized that thing in Him before.

Further, Scripture outlined the truth about the Messiah long before Jesus came on the scene. Men only denied Jesus because they did not know the Scripture or because they had neglected it and created a “Messiah of their own making” rather than a Scriptural Messiah.

Paul’s job in Romans is to dispel those wrong images of Messiah and show Jesus for who he really was and is.

I think it would be awesome to spend a little bit of time looking at the gospel from a few Old Testament references so that we can understand exactly what Paul meant in this verse.

Who is up for a little jaunt back in time?

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