Jealousy Demanding As the Grave Pt. 4


We have been discussing the nature of God’s love for us in this series.

If you have missed any part of the conversation you can pick it up




Today we are discussing the JEALOUS NATURE of God.

God loves you. God is crazy for you and that makes Him jealous for you.

God is not jealous of you. He is jealous for you. He wants to be first and only in your life. He wants the final word on everything: He wants the final word on what church you go to; He wants the final word on how much time you spend in private prayer; He wants the final word on what ministry you participate in; He wants the final word on whom you date and on whom you marry or even if you marry; He wants the final word on where you work and the final word on what you do with your free time; When you don’t give Him the final word He gets jealous.

If God were a human we would probably call him a control freak or maybe even a stalker; But God is not human. He is the creator of the Universe. We were made for Him and He has given all of Himself to us. Only when we let Him be God can our lives truly begin to click.

When we don’t let God call the shots we are practicing idolatry. God knows idolatry will destroy us. It will wreck our lives. He is jealous for us because He knows that He is what is best for us. Hear me, if we can come to the place where every decision is put before Him, the place where we willingly submit to His plan, then our lives will be truly full, meaningful and all that they should be.

Do you know God loves you? Do you know that He is protecting you. Do you know that HE is thinking about you? Do you know that He is jealous for you because He wants to see you become everything you can be and not be held back by distractions and idols that will destroy you?

So what should our response be to this kind of love?

Jesus loved us so much He died for us so that we might have eternal life. In light of that we should receive His gift of love. We should live for Him. And we should prioritize His kingdom.

Three responses to His love.

Receive His gift. Receive Him. In prayer let Him know  that His love is free to invade you and you won’t fight it.

Live for Him. Every single one of us has an area of personal holiness that the Spirit is talking to us about. Living for Him means to start obeying Him.

Finally prioritize His kingdom. He loved us enough to include us in the Kingdom. He expects us to be part of building it. When the Jews rebuilt Jerusalem under their governor Nehemiah no one got to sit down and watch while the rest worked. Every man and every woman for that matter in the city had a part in building the part of the wall that was nearest to their house.

Your responsibility as one of God’s loved ones is to build the part of the Kingdom that is near you. Support what God is doing in your area. God is crazy in love with us and we should desire to show Him crazy love back by receiving His gift, by living for Him and by prioritizing His kingdom.

Where have you seen the love of God active in your life this week?


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