Cee’s Funn Foto Challenge: Made By Man

This week Cee has encouraged us to HAVE FUN DISPLAYING FOTOS OF MANMADE THINGS.


Just click on the underlined link  above to see what other photographers have brought to Cee’s place for display.

Here is my sampling…


This sign found in “Museum square” in Amsterdam was one of several signs built by Metaalplan for the  city’s Amsterdam China Week festivities. The other signs came down after the celebration but the city opted to keep this sign up on the Square and it has become a photographic hotspot.


This fountain in the Back bay of Boston is one of several recently built as part of Boston’s new “Greenway”. Excuse the finger please!


This building is in my hometown of Winchendon MA and was built by Ephraim Murdock & Co in the early 1900’s as the high school for our town. It is where both of my parents and most of my aunts and uncles graduated from. Today it is the Murdock Senior Center and is affectionately called “Old Murdock”.

The sky behind it of course was made by Jesus, the son of man and so I guess it also qualifies as manmade 😉

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