What Happened To Pastor Wrinkles?

Any of you who have been following me for any length of time know my alter ego is Pastor Wrinkles. Both of us (which is really just me) have been absent from WordPress for the better part of two weeks. It has been a busy and fruitful time of ministry. The first week I was busy writing sermons for the second week. Over the course of the last seven days I have preached eleven times and led one baptism service It has been an incredibly rewarding time. I marvel at what God is doing through one such as I.

It is a time of mighty harvest folks and I believe we are just at the beginning.

Here are some photos of the week that has just passed.

The library of the manor house I stayed in at camp.

The manor house.

Camp begins with a photo op.

Eddie Raymond entertains in the chapel.

Counselor Dan at the pool.

Cathy and Ann catch a little fish.

John shows his work at the art show.

Some of the guys at pendulum painting.

The tree of life at Eisner Camp.

Packing camp away.

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