Pressing In and Pressing On

I am on the road today, picking up my son in New Jersey so he can begin the next leg of his journey towards the nation of Korea. I drove the 6 hours yesterday with God as my copilot and He had me thinking on many things.

In our worship leader’s meeting Sunday afternoon two themes arose that seem to be directions for our church’s worship:

1. A move of repentance

2.The need to press in and press on.

A third theme came to mind as I meditated on the Lord yesterday and that was, the need for a transcendent God.

Like never before we need to comprehend that we have a God who is not controlled or determined by the forces of this world. Like never before we need to draw close to Him and away from the world’s ways. This act will cause us automatically to advance into the work He has given us to do (pressing in and pressing on), and that work is massive.

I have heard a lot of talk in the church world about how Jesus may be coming this fall. In sincerely hope He doesn’t. While I really want to see my Savior, at the moment only 2% of the population in my area (New England) reports themselves as born again. If Jesus should come in September 98% of New England would by their own admission not go with Him into glory.

The church has a lot of work to do and little time to do it in. We need to turn from our entertainments and press in and press on with a God who is big enough to help us with this work.

Who will join me ion the harvest field? Your help is needed. We are about to lose the harvest!

9 thoughts on “Pressing In and Pressing On

  1. Love this post! I often feel the same way when people talking about “Jesus coming back”. I don’t want to try to predict it. I want to share the gospel in as if Jesus would come back tomorrow, and I want to live my life as if he is not going to come in my lifetime.

  2. It sort of bothers me when people start saying when the Lord will return. We won’t know the time until we see Him. I think the predictions lead some astray. What do you think?

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