Shall We?

Beautiful verse from Deb.

DebBe Still and Listen

I am part of C.cada (Cornerstone Christian Artist Day Apart) and we are having an art show on June 20, 2015 in Winchendon, Massachusetts.  We were given the theme “dancing with joy”.

For those that do not know what C.cada is, it is a community for Christian artists to get together and practice their art form whether it be writing, painting, pencil drawings, water-color,  photography, wood carving, musical/instrumental, fabric art, etc.  Pastor J- Joseph Elon Lillie over at Lillie-Put  is the founder of C.cada  and if you would like to see other artists from C.cada including our founder go to

  This is my take on dancing with joy!

Shall We?

by Deb Maciorowski ©

I’ve been waiting for you!
I yearn for you to be mine!
Shall we dance?

Feel the wind as I lift you up.
Oh, how I long for you!
Come, dance with Me?

Feel the warmth of My…

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