A New Thing: Being On Time.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Beyond the Pale.”

The Daily Post asks, When was the last time you did something completely new and out of your element? How was it? Will you do it again?

I feel like life is constantly challenging me with new levels and opportunities for growth. I suppose that is a good thing. But I have to admit it is uncomfortable.

There are many things I am doing in new ways but I will share one stupid little item I am trying. I am trying to be on-time to events. Before we go on let me assure you, it is not what you think. All my life I have been early to everything I do (well except for that one brief period of time when the kids were little and the adjustment to having little kids made me chronically late to everything). My father taught both me and my sister that early is on-time, on-time is late and late is unacceptable. So being 1/2 hour ahead of the crowd is normal for me.

But recently the tightness of my schedule has been making it very stressful to be early. This morning I had a leadership meeting and I determined in my morning devotion that I was going to let go of my earliness expectation. The meeting was for 8 A.M; So I purposely took my time and didn’t even leave the house until 7:51 (the church is a 10 minute drive).

I arrived at the church to find the parking lot empty except for my daughter’s car. She was just leaving her early morning church cleaning gig.

“Where is everyone?” I asked.

“Your meeting isn’t until 8:30 Daddy.” My daughter explained.

So the on-time thing is a work in progress. Yes I will try it again but next time I will try to make sure I haven’t actually written my early arrival time in my planner.

5 thoughts on “A New Thing: Being On Time.

  1. I like your father’s mantra. I really hate to be late, especially when I know people are waiting for ME. If it’s a general party or something, I show up at the early end but not right on time, perhaps. Altho I like to get there on time to help greet guests and work in the kitchen if needed.

  2. I do not like being late to anything. I prefer being early for everything recently I have been right on time or even a little late. My stress level soars when I know I’m supposed to be somewhere and I am leaving the house at that time. So I have started scheduling a 15 minute window/cushion when making any appointments. I’m hoping this will work for me.

  3. BAHAHAHAHAAAAA! I always do that~Although most often I know I am doing it ! I enjoy the silence before the storm of words and people and their energy.

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