What was I thinking?!?

Reblogging you some hope on this busy and fruitful Sunday afternoon!


When I think back at all the foolish, and even dangerous things I have done in the past I have to question my common sense (or sometimes my sanity).  Then there are the politically correct things that I violated time and time again without thinking.

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One time while playing in the neighbor’s field, I decided to start an ant farm, so I put as many ants in my pockets as I could and brought them home to show my mother.  You can imagine how she reacted.  At an even younger age, I decided the dining room walls needed some extra color, so I rubbed butter all over one of them.  The grease stain remained there for years as a reminder of my earliest art work.  As I approached my teen years, my neighbors and I discovered the excitement of rock fights.  Unlike today’s video war games, people could actually be physically injured. …

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