Slip and Slide

Some necessary truths.

Faith and Footsteps

YLdMCc1428944136If you’re a child of the 80’s like me, then you may be familiar with the water toy the Slip’ N Slide.  While first released in 1961, it gained popularity in the 80’s right when I was an elementary age child.  The banana yellow sheet of plastic was rolled out in our backyard and made wet with a garden hose.  My siblings and I literally had hours of fun fighting off the Florida heat by sliding as fast as we could.  Sometimes, we even flew off the end of the slide, careening across the grass or into one of our friends.

I think too of the idea that we can slip and slide away from God if we’re not careful.  It is correct that we, as Christians, reside in the care of God, having faith and trust in Jesus.  But it is also true that we can fall away from…

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