In Other Words: The Heart-Hole

In Other Words

Well here we are for another week of “In Other Words” the flash fiction writing challenge where Patricia gives us a quote and we have to write a story on it. You can find other contributions to the challenge at

This week’s quote is…

“Stop worrying about the potholes in the road
and celebrate the journey”
Barbara Hoffman

Ireland 517

I found him sitting in his living room with the curtains drawn. The floor was littered with empty bottles. He hadn’t changed his clothes in days.

“What are you doing to yourself son?” I held my hand to my nose trying to block out the stench of  stale sweat and booze which assailed my nostrils.

“She’s gone dad. She took the kids. What am I going to do?”

Tear stains streaked dirty lines down his cheeks etching age and weariness in every corner.

“You are going to open the curtains and start living.” I said sternly.

I threw back the thick velvet drapes she had chosen and thought to myself they would be the first things to go. The sunlight glinted off the photos of my grandchildren. He squinted in the brightness. I felt a lump of pity rise in my throat.

“Go shower.” I ordered.

Once I heard the water running I cleaned up the empties and tossed the wrappers of too many nights of take out into the trash.

My son had fallen down a  hole in his heart. It was deep but then I had climbed out of similar pits. We could do this together.

I went to the radio and turned up the music.

8 thoughts on “In Other Words: The Heart-Hole

  1. That is pretty powerful, Pastor J! The strength of our Father in Heaven does the same for us. When we fall or slip He’s right there to pick us up and together we walk the journey towards filling in the potholes with His light. Amen!

  2. We do often fall down a hole in our hearts. So much easier to find our way out with the help of a loving Father. This was a great story and I almost missed it. I am so behind on responses to folks who have been visiting me. Hopefully, things are ready to get back to a nice calm quiet normal and more computer time.

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