In Other Words: Frailities and Imperfections

This week Patricia has challenged us to write a piece from the following quote

“All have their frailties and whoever looks for a friend 
without imperfections will never find what he seeks.”
Cyrus the Great

My story is below but you can find how Patricia’s other contributors met the challenge by going to

Frailties and imperfections…

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In Other WordsPavel’s Problem

by JE Lillie


We aren’t as young as we used to be. Her mother and father are gone seventeen and fifteen years now. My own folks were left behind in their graves in Poland so long ago their existence is like a dream. But as it is with most good dreams I still miss them.

Papa used to tell me, “Pavel you can do anything you set your mind to, you and God together.”

How I wish that were so. Like most good lies that one has bits of truth scattered inside it. Like Rosemary baked into bread there’s just enough of the stuff to create a taste, a longing. But it always leaves you wanting more and never quite able to find it.

Her mother and father always said I was not good for her. Maybe it’s so. After so many years neither of us have been able to be all for the other one. Her life before showed her great things and she has never quite been able to come down to the humility of who I am. Still that part of her always pushed me to be better. Until now.

I am so tired. I think the fight is almost gone out of me. I find myself wishing I had more strength for her sake. But this might be one of those things that God and I cannot do together even if I set my mind to it.  I suppose it’s not because He couldn’t give me the strength but I think He might have something else in mind. I am finding it’s not just what I set my mind to that’s important here.

I wish I could go back to that day I first met her. She was on that swing. The air was full of the scent of roses and willow. The world was light and I didn’t know the lie for what it was. I am going to miss this life because of what I found in her.

6 thoughts on “In Other Words: Frailities and Imperfections

  1. There is so much reality in this story and yes, it is sad. But it is also a sweet love story.. So much hinted at but left unsaid in this story. I think Pavel is sad but a wise man. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

  2. This is a very sad story, but I think true of almost all relationships that are based on the concept of being “perfect” for each other – able to meet all needs and desires of your partner. That just isn’t possible, and if we expect it there is sure to be some falling from pedestals involved, and the accompanying disappointment, and even guilt at not measuring up to what the other anticipated. I think it’s very important we realize going into a committed relationship that there are imperfections – many of them, but love can work with them, and determination can overcome them to let love continue to grow strong. It works for Papa Bear and I!

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