In Other Words…A Total Misunderstanding!

In Other WordsIt’s time once again for Patrcia’s weekly flash fiction challenge. You can read the rules and follow along by clicking the link below.

This week the quote we are working from is

“Lots of people talk to animals. Not many listen, though. That’s the problem.”
Benjamin Hoff

A Total Misunderstanding


by JE Lillie

“Tell me Verle, How is it we always end up holding the bag?”

“We are beasts of burden Malcolm. Surely you don’t expect your human to carry it.”

“He could help a little.”

“What are you two talking about Strider?”

“My name is Verle and we were talking about this heavy bag you just put on me.”

“Oh you want a carrot, do you?”

“Malcolm did I say anything about carrots?”

“No Verle you didn’t. Oh, he’s offering me one too! Yum I love carrots.”

” Malcolm don’t eat that. It’ll only encourage him!”

” There you go Strider. Now for the next bag.”

“Do you see what you’ve done Malcolm? Now I have to carry two bags!”

“Beast of burden, Verle. What do you not get about that?”

“That’s it I’ve had it. I’m breaking free of this life! Out of my way human!”

“Strider stop!” Down boy! Down!”


“You should have known better, Verle. They always use the whips when we get uppity.”

“Sergeant what’s the matter with that horse?”

“I’m sorry Captain, something spooked him. There might be enemy in the bush. We’d better send out a patrol. This horse is really smart.”

“Oh Malcolm my human is so stupid!”

8 thoughts on “In Other Words…A Total Misunderstanding!

  1. This was a great story! It left me smiling because animals are indeed much more intelligent and understanding than we sometimes give them credit for! They are also intuitive, crafty, and learn things we don’t expect them to be capable of! I am sometimes amazed at the things they will go off and do on their own or figure out for themselves!

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