In Other Words…Get Acquainted

In Other Words

This week Patricia has asked us to write a piece of flash fiction off of a quote from  Lucy Maud Montgomery.

“I do know my own mind. The trouble is my mind changes and then
I have to get acquainted with it all over again.”

Check out how others have written it at

Here are my thoughts…

The Window To My Soul

by JE Lillie

“Shut up.” I said

“No. If you don’t like it just walk away.” He spat. Little droplets of moisture dotted the glass between us.

“Why do you always have to make things so hard on me? I just wanted to have some fun. I’ve earned it.”

“That’s your idea of fun?” He managed to choke out.

His face was getting redder by the minute. My blood pressure was rising just looking at him. But this is how it always was between us. I would do something I thought nothing of and he had to make a major production out of it.

The guy thought he knew me because of the length of our acquaintance. The truth was he never really empathized with me for one moment. He never gave me a break, never understood what my life was like. He was just always there doling out the advice for the price of his right to castigate me.

“Yes I thought that was fun and I am sick of your constant harping on me.” I shouted back in his face.

“Fine!” He shrieked.

“Fine!” I bellowed.

I walked away from the mirror confident I had put the jerk in his place.


4 thoughts on “In Other Words…Get Acquainted

  1. This is wonderful! I was totally surprised by the ending. How clever of you. I think many of us can relate to the face in the mirror. Thank you for joining the hop and for reblogging it.

  2. This was excellent! At first I thought it was a bad relationship, then I realized it was his relationship with himself that was at odds, and I think we all may have faced this “man in the mirror” at times.

    • Thanks Josie. So many times I battle with myself to do the right thing. Sometimes I am walking away from the mirror victorious, doing the right thing. Other times I leave my conscience stuck in the mirror and I always regret that.

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