Friday Fictioneers: Jesus

Welcome everyone to Friday Fictioneers! Every week Rochelle gives us a new photo prompt and we have to write a piece of flash fiction in a 100 words. You can discover about 100 stories written off of this photo at


PHOTO PROMPT –© Dawn Q. Landau


by JE Lillie

When my father brought the pup home and named him Jesus my mother called him a blasphemer. Dad told her to simmer down.

Jesus followed me to school everyday, listened to my prayers at night and answered every time I called his name.

Jesus was with us the night our house burned down. He led my parents and me out of the fiery furnace then charged back in to drag my baby brother to safety before succumbing to the burns which took most of his fur.

As Jesus lay panting out his final breaths, I realized Dad was really a prophet.

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