Training for Reigning

Will you agree to enter a season of training.

DebBe Still and Listen


My pastor often says are you training for reigning? So are you in training? Are your spiritual ears and eyes open? You need to be on guard, for the enemy is always lurking around ready to pounce in a moment’s notice.

This is one of the scriptures the Lord keeps bringing to my mind;

Psalm 144 (NLT)

A psalm of David.

Praise the Lord, who is my rock.

    He trains my hands for war     

    and gives my fingers skill for battle.

He is my loving ally and my fortress,     

    my tower of safety, my rescuer.

He is my shield, and I take refuge in him.     

    He makes the nations[a] submit to me.


I don’t know about you but for me the enemy seems to be around every corner I turn. No sooner do I come…

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