All’s I’m Left With Is James

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Burnt.”

The Daily Post has asked Remember this prompt, when your home was on fire and you got to save five items? That means you left a lot of stuff behind. What are the things you wish you could have taken, but had to leave behind?

“You couldn’t save anything?” Melanie asked.

“Sorry Honey. Nothing.” I returned

“You couldn’t save Great Gramm’s sewing machine?”


“What about the cool decorative wine bottles that belonged to Grampa Jack?”

“Not a one.” Was my reply.

” The little monk salt and pepper shakers that Gramma Lillie bought for her first apartment?”

“Sorry honey.”

“Tell me you at least saved the dining chairs for our new apartment.”

I shook my head in the negative.

“Well at least you have copies of all James’ Graduation pictures. We’ll have something to hang on our walls.” My daughter beamed

James groaned at the prospect that his own picture had now become his inheritance.

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